markkit works on Safari

To be honest, markkit always worked on safari. The only problem was interoperability between Safari and Firefox. Thus highlights made using Firefox were not visible to Safari users, and the other way around also. I nailed it last week when I was unable to see highlights from @houeida which is a mac user using my […]

the BigBug is fixed (hopefully)

sometimes you highlight text in different parts of the same paragraph, you come back later and you find only half of your marks. this is the BigBug. After weeks of investigations, of trying different strategies, of reading specs and of testing… fixing the bug was a matter of ordering the marks. It took me 5min […]

Internet Explorer 8’s dom is still broken

It’s 2008. We reached DOM level 3. DOM level 1 is 10 years old and IE8 still does not have a Node or Range interface implementation. it’s sad. markkit relies heavily on DOM objects. so I’m disappointed. i must admit, i hoped, naively, IE8 will be really dom compatible. so that i don’t have to […]